Why DDS Rescue Is A Super Hero

 I am a big supporter of Liptak Dental’s DDS Rescue services. They have bailed me out of a few situations over the years and continued that today.  

We had an orthodontic patient in for a consult today and he wanted to start right away. We went over everything and then went to print consent forms etc. Only problem was we could not find the consent form folder on any computer. All the forms had vanished.  Obviously someone had deleted files on the server by accident.

I called over to DDS Rescue and asked for them to make an old backup copy available for me to search. We picked a date almost 1 year ago as I knew it would be on the server copy at that time. They mounted the old copy and a quick sFTP connection into the old files and within a minute I had my folder with all the consent forms downloaded and back in my possession.

Bad things can happen at any time and even when you don’t know it but having a great recovery system makes difficult times easier. So if you are considering looking for a safe and secure way to protect your data and keep your office up and running through a data emergency or just plan losing a file consider DDS Rescue.

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